Doğuş History


Our company, Aluminum Extrusion, has gained experience among the leading companies in Aluminum Extrusion Dies sector with its 15 years of experience, researcher and expert staff who closely follow the technology. Inspired by the continuity of progress and development, we have found that the name of our company is DOGUS.


Our mission

Molding in Turkey has developed its development in the best way for half a century and has achieved world standards. In this sense, DOĞUŞ is based on the principle “preference is from you, solution is from us”. Reliable staff, machine parks and molds to produce quality and world standards. DOĞUŞ has been keeping customer satisfaction on the front plan, combining the experience of raw materials and employees and always developing technology and experience and making customer satisfaction without sacrificing quality.

Our vision

DOĞUŞ who sees itself as a leader in the sector with its team spirit that continuously adapts and develops in the field of experience and quality, sees its target in world standards in this sense.