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Doğuş Dies Aluminum Extrusion

Presenting superior services by blending high technological facilities and years of experience, Doğuş Dies has always been able to protect its strong image within the sector.

It is possible to observe the results of Doğuş Dies, which has signed thousands of designs and productions, with its modern and modern working discipline, in many projects where it has stamped its mark in the sector.

Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturing

It requires professional perspective, knowledge, experience and awareness to produce dies that are suitable for long-lasting use, accelerate the manufacturing process and achieve 100% compatible results to the expectants.

Doğuş Dies has a team that analyzes the sector and its expectations very well and has the infrastructure to invest in the ideal conditions and the technological facilities that renew itself day by day.

Do you want to know the quality of the production in Extrusion Dies Technologies closely?

Join our happy customers!

We have been with you for 15 years with our next generation corporate policies and quality standards …

Why Are We Preferred?

musteri-odakliDoğuş Dies analyzes customer expectancies precisely with young and dynamic staff. It keeps their interests at the forefront and provides high empathy.

en-iyi-fiyat-dogus-kalipThe main element that determines our company’s pricing policy is our manufacturing procedures. We offer our engineering skills and technological opportunities as an opportunity to our customers in the production of extrusion dies.

zamanin-degeri-dogus-kalipDoğuş Dies stands out from the cumbersome building preferences. Thanks to the technology of the consciousness and infrastructure of the Kadros, it offers all stages of trade in a serial and smooth way. We provide the right terminus, we deliver it at the right time. We know the value of the time well.

oneriler-alternatifler-dogus-kalipDoğuş Dies is not an enterprise that manufactures by heart. We analyze the image you want to see, make suggestions and alternatives, and put our knowledge and experience in front of you for the best results. We offer our dominance and superior experience in all areas of the sector.

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